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In 2018 SAL started an engagement to minimize our impact on the environment.
We as surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers, salty water lovers and all other water sports lovers, are aware that we all need to implement changes to take significant steps towards saving our planet.

We opted to use recycled nylon and biodegradable fabrics. For some products raw materials which we can not replace with a more sustainable kind, we will make a 5% donation of the sales towards NGOs that help with ocean cleanings and marine animal care

Our surf suits will still continue the feminine essence and deliver comfort and performance inside the water, but now in a more sustainable version.

The Press shops that we work with invest in environmental responsibility, which means that they follow strict guidelines of water efficiency, waste disposal and use of non-toxic materials.

Futhermore, we started replacing our packaging with tyvek envelopes and reusable bags.

We believe together we can make the difference.