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Marcella Brit is the founder and creative director of SAL. She was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. In her earlier years, she had spent some time in California. During this period of her life, from surfing the beaches of Brazil to the beaches of California, her passion for the ocean was turned into a life-long ambition. With 10 years of experience in the fashion design industry in Rio, her work has been recognized throughout the beach/surfing scene and has a flavor all to its own. Several years later her work developed and currently covers all water sports. Surfing, Kitesurfing and Stand Up Paddle; just to name a few. SAL’s water sports apparel is for women who want to look feminine while performing all of the various ocean related sports. Beach style, comfort and “surfing” durability are important aspects of each collection.

In 2013 she decided to take her ideas from paper to show the world.

All of SAL’s water sports garments are made in Brazil. SAL is a brand that can transmit a woman’s inner self, her passion for the ocean and the sport enthusiast all at the same time. And the SAL woman will feel naturally beautiful, funny and discrete.

Salty skin, sand on ourfeet and wind on faces are the boost for our journey.